Unbelievable advantages and disadvantages of cold drinks(soft drinks)


Unbelievable advantages and disadvantages of cold drinks (soft drinks)

Hello friends,today in this article we are going to know about unbelievable advantages and disadvantages of drinking soft drinks ie.cold drinks.we all love drinking soft drinks when we spend time in watching

movies,celebrations,parties etc.As we all know soft drinks comes in the category of junk food,therefore it has advantages and disadvantages as well

Let’s talk about the advantages of drinking cold drinks

Removes stomach blockage-according to a research it said that acid present in cold drinks helps in removing stomach blockage.

Cure for acidity-acid present in cold drinks helps in curing the problem of acidity,also it also to digest food quickly,so Don take tension when you suffer from acidity,had a can of a cold drink

Gives relief when you feet vomited-

    According to the doctors cold drinks contains a acid called phosphoric acid,which helps a lot when you feel that you are to vomit,after consuming cold drinks you will feel better than before.

    Cure for asthma-cold drinks contains caffein,it is said that caffeine helps to keep awake a person for a long time,but it can also be used to cure asthma,it helps to avoid sneeze,cough etc.

    Long and thick hair-unbelievably it is observed that drinking cold drinks gives you smooth and shiny hairs.Cold drinks also helps in better growth of hairs.drinking cold drinks can also help you to get long,thick and shiny hairs.

      Disadvantages of drinking cold drinks

      • Bone weakness – cold drinks contains lots of carbonic acid and phosphoric acid,which after consumption reduces the bone density which results in weak bones.it also weakens the youth enamel.

      • Increases weight-cold drinks consist sugar in excess amount which in our body increases flow of insulin,therefore excess insulin get stored in our in the form of fat as result the weight increases.

      Diabetes-cold drinks contains a chemical called Aspartum which increases blood sugar level,therefore problem of diabetes may exist.

      Aggression and stress-people who drinks cold drinks in excess amount gets irritated quickly and also suffers from lots stress and depression than other people.


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