Symptoms of iron deficiency


Symptoms of deficiency(lack) of iron in body

 Need of iron-When iron decreases, the body gives signals, iron deficiency can cause you much trouble. Our body starts showing certain types of signs of lack of iron  which we should not ignore. When our body does not get the right amount of iron, then there is a shortage of iron in our body due to which the red blood cells begin to decrease. To make hemoglobin, our body needs iron;

  • Causes anemia -oxygen is not properly transmitted in our body due to red blood cells. And then it goes ahead and creates anemia disease.

  • Feeling tired-due to iron deficiency, we always feel tired. Due to the lack of iron, hemoglobin is not properly formed, thus our muscle starts feeling tired and we start feeling very tired.

  • Headache – due to hemoglobin deficiency in red blood cells, red blood cells can not completely communicate oxygen to our brain due to which we suffer from severe headache.

  • Skin and hair become stale and dull, when our body is hemoglobin deficient, our skin and hair begin to become stale. If you are facing any of these problems, then visit your doctor only today and tell him all this. If you liked my post, then please do lik and share.


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