Get rid of blackheads


Get rid of blackheads

Hello friends Today we are going to talk about Blackheads,these make face very ugly and vulgar.Everyone wants to remove today we are going to tell you about some home remedies to remove blackheads

  •  Procedure- take 1teaspoon of milk and mix 1 teaspoon honey in it, then mix them on mild flame. Massage with this mixture for five minutes on the blackhead and after that wash you face with clean water. This will help you relieve the blackheads problem. 

  •  2nd method-

  • Mix bakung soda with water,  apply this mixtur and allow it to dry, after few minutes start doing massage on face,then clean your face with towel or water,you will get relief from this problem. 

  • You can also take help of toothpaste.apply the toothpaste on your blackheads,and after that massage on your blackheads,and then wash your face


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