Get clear and white teeth in just 4 days


Get clear and white teeth

The beauty of any person’s face increase with the beauty of his teeth. If a person’s teeth are weak and yellow, then he may look vulgar. Due to bad teeth health, the beauty of the face gets faded. So today we are going to tell you a simple solution that can help you get clear and white teeths

  •  Make the powder, orange peel and basil leaves. First of all, you have to dry the orange peels and basil leaves in the sun.After drying them properly, mix them well in a mixer. Now close this powder in a box.

  • While brushing every day, mix lemon juice in this powder and brush it well. By brushing the stale mouth every day with this powder, all your problems related to your teeth will be removed in a few days and your teeth will become very shiny and white.


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