Diseases caused by bananas



Hello friends,till you would have heard that banana is very beneficial for health or advantages of eating banana.But you may not have heard about negative effects of eating banana.yes friends it leads to certain diseases which can make you suffer for a very long period
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  • Constipation- by now you may have heard that banana is very beneficial for stomach but it can lead to serious constipation also.
It is also found that well riped banana can help you to decrease constipation
  •  Damages nerves-banana is rich in vitamin b6 so consuming banana daily is harmful for nerves.it can damage you certain nerves

but you can avoid this by doing regular physical workout

  • Stomach ache- bananas are rich in starch so it can time to digest. Sometimes it is seen that eating banana can cause you a stomach ache.this is because you eat non-ripe banana.

It may cause vomiting 

  •  Decaying of tooth- bananas are rich in starch. Excess starch is not good for your dental health.It may lead to decaying of your teeth as starch contain in it takes time to dissolve in your mouth

  • Migraine- if you are suffering from headache wrepeatedly then you should reduce the consumption of banana or make a new diet plan.Banana contains a compound called tayaramine,which causes sharp headache.In this situation reduce eating bananas


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