Disadvantages of drinking tea



Hello friends,today in this article we are going to talk about tea.eEveryone loves drinking tea.It is very helpful in energizing the body when feel stressed.But if you drink tea daily two-three times day,it can be harmful for health

You should about it’s defect,so continue with us and read this whole article.


  • Reduces hunger :By boiling the tea for a long time, it produces chemicals called tannin which get deposited on the inner wall of the stomach, causing hunger to stop.


  • Causes Arthritis:Tea increases uric acid in urine. Arthritis, swelling of joints increases with uric acid
  • Blood problems:Tea decreases blood in the body.


  • Causes ulcerDrinking more tea leaves increases the risk of getting stomach ulcers.






  • Increase acidDo not drink tea again and again because it increases the amount of acid in the body



  •  Sleeping problems-For patients of insomnia and depression, tea is more harmful. Because drinking tea reduces sleepiness.


  • Digestive problems-Drinking empty stomach tea reduces digestive power.

Iron deficiency in the blood can reduce the immunity of disease.


  • Heart attacks-Drinking more tea increases the heartbeat and there is a possibility of heart disease.


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