Advantages of Neem leaves


Advantages of Neem leaves.(azadirachta indica, lilas des Indes, neem, fond blanc)

Hello Friends, we try our best to give you good information every day.If you are new to our channel then first of all, please follow us, so that all our information will be first available to you. In today’s article, we will tell you about the advantages of eating neem leaves.

Neem has so many properties that it works in the treatment of many diseases. Yes, if it is eaten with empty stomach in the morning, its leaves are very beneficial for our body.

Grind neem leaves in the morning, and after consuming them, the infected diseases and allergies in our bodies get removed. If you eat 2 neem leaves daily in the morning, you will get rid of intestinal diseases like ulcers and constipation, torsion and swelling.

 If you have wrinkle on the face then you should take it. If you can not eat, then make a paste of it and put it on your face. Wrinkles will disappear in a week.

It also helps in removal of pimples.just make a paste of it and apply three times a week.It is more effective after mixing with aloe Vera gel

It is also mosquito replicant. Burnt the leaves of neem around your house and see the effect.


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