Advantages of hibiscus flower that you don’t know


Advantages of hibiscus that you don’t know

The flower of hibiscus is very beautiful, it is found in many colors such as red, pink, yellow and white addicted. The scientific name of hibiscus is “Hibiscus Saddarifa”.It is beautiful in appearance and beneficial for our health as well.

Hibiscus is very beneficial for maintaining menstrual cycle in women.Low levels of estrogen in women’s body worsens the balance of the hormones. Thus,monthly cycle does not reaches at the right time. In such circumtances tea made from hibiscus petals should be used. Then there will be no problem in the cycle of menstrual cycle.

If there is more pain during menstruation, then the gentle buds of hibiscus should be taken and two buds should be eaten empty stomach in the morning. And regularly take up to a week.

It is also used for removing acne and spots from the face, its flower leaves are grinded in water and mixed with honey and applied on the face.


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