Advantages of Banana peel


Advantages of banana peel

We all know that eating banana is very beneficial for our is rich with energy.It also helps us to gain weight very quickly.

But I can bet you that you don’t know that the peel of Banana is also beneficial for us too.if you want to know to the advantages of Banana peel then read this full article and please follow us for more interesting posts 

  • 1st advantage

Peel of Banana can also be used to remove pimples and other marks like would from the face 

For this you need to grind banana peel.mix it with honey and turmeric.Make a paste of it and apply it daily for 5-6 days. 
Definitely you will get good results after following this method.

  • 2nd advantage

  • Banana peel can also help you to remove dark circles under your eyes
For this you need to collect the white strands of Banana peel and mix it with aloe Vera gel.After this you have to apply this paste on your dark circles for 1 weak 


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