Add cardamon to your diet


Hello friends,today through this article I would suggest you to add cardamon to your diet plan. It i quite beneficial for our is very small but its properties are very big. We are talking about small cardamom The small cardamom is also called the queen of spices. It contains plenty of nutrients such as calcium, potassium, magnesium and vitamin C.this is the reason that it is used in many medicines.

Here are some benefits of eating cardamon

  •  Helps to remove stress from the body. If you are suffering from stress due to any reason, then by eating cardamom or by making cardamom tea, your brain’s hormones will completely change and you will feel refreshed and your mental stress will also be removed.

  • Cardamom is very good to get rid of sore throat. To get rid of sore throat , wake up in the morning and chew the small cardamom.Chewing small cardamon would give you relief from sore throat.
  • When you feel vomited, boil the cardamom in water and consume it then immediately you will stop feeling vomited. A lot of people do not suit the journey of the bus. During the journey, when you start feeling like vomited, keep a cardamom in your mouth and suck it, you will stop dizziness and you will not vomit.
  • Cardamom is very beneficial for brain and eyes. Grind two to three almonds and some cardamom together and drink this mixture in milk daily. This will increase your eyesight along with concentration power.

  • Cardamom is also a very good solution to meet the shortage of blood. To overcome the lack of blood, cardamom powder should be mixed with turmeric powder in hot milk.Drink this daily.This would complete the shortage of blood in few days


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